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about me

I am Jozef Vasko.
20 years I tried to understand computers, information technology and I thought about it, what could help people.
In 2009 I decided about a turning point in mine lives.
Since then I try to understand manly people, and I think about it, what could be help for him ;-)

Projects and groups, from which I learn a lot, which I highly appreciate and support his energy and activity:
Learning Organizations for Sustainability, SoL Hungary
People's University, NGO Utopia,
The participatory budget,
Open your eyes Slovakia, NGO Direct Democracy,
All Civic Assembly

Personal skills and areas which I offer the selfless sharing of mine experience and energy:
  • management of computers, operating systems and network technologies
  • system dynamics of learning organizations and communities
  • group facilitation and coaching, especially the methodology developed by Peter Senge of MIT and
  • dialogues in groups of any size in closed and open areas, particularly in terms of methodology
These technologies - are among the methods of technology acquisition and sharing of information developed with David Gruber to, when under any activity before the first try to imagine what might go, and then subsequently compare their vision with available information on reality. It's technology, it is first to seek a common response to a question, or solving some common problems, based on how much information and experience of participants and then to explain the technology. It is a technology group to share experiences so. imitation, copying, just as when we first copy the example. master potter, and only then, we explain the technology master knack.

During the honest group interview these technologies, in addition to the demolition of barriers between teachers and students, when everyone can be at the same time teachers and students can get all participants to develop the natural form of the following skills:
ability to articulate publicly their position on the topic view
ability to listen carefully to the attitudes, opinions, personal vision of other
ability to be "midwives" - facilitates the creative ideas of other
ability to give motivational issues - coach
ability to seek penetration attitudes, beliefs and personal visions
ability to "distance" from some of his views.
ability to identify the penetration of attitudes, beliefs and choose a common consensus, a goal shared vision
ability to focus on common purpose and shared vision
ability to increase the efficiency of working together on commonly agreed objectives, visions,
Tuning between human creative communications is an area in which I try to capitalize on their natural communication and integration abilities with experience in EMC - electromagnetic compatibility and years of experience in tuning and running different operating systems, information and network technologies.

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