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What? develop a feasible concept of autonomous microecosystemu in the current plot (500-800 m2) using the maximum resources directly from nature, to minimize the consumption of "paid" resources. 
Why? why should we pay for what you do not 
How? make the most of available information, experience of co-existence of human with nature. The best use of previously discovered natural laws and mechanisms. Modern technology, mainly used in capturing and controlling, unwanted states. 

This concept is used mainly for training and application, the search for a common vision and a group of creative cooperation, combined with the suspension technology assessment (brainstorming). Subsequently (or present) may be followed by an analysis of the technological feasibility of the calculation of the budget. 

I anticipate that the conceptual, technical and technological co-develop the details of the website community and develops the concept of brick, which will be no problem to implement the various subsystems. Falls on stage. 

The concrete implementation of the already done it, each according to their abilities and opportunities. 

We do not have a lot of new imagine, just the appropriate way to combine what is already certified in time, nature and people. 

This concept addresses the mindset of planted seeds. Sam I am curious what the plant grows, it :-)
  1. Water and Sun

    1. capture as much water from the entire plot. 
      1. what not soak to land, to capture in the underground tank No. 1. carrying out with the mechanical filter impurities 
        • in the absence of sunshine to the winter mode, the possibility of front "coking" panel, the heat pump. 
        • in case of extreme intensive storms, it is necessary to prepare adequately dimensioned leaching tank 
      2. in the case of the dry season it is good to have a wather well 
    2. using 
      1. electrical pump power 
        • solar panels and light-regulated, or 
        • wind turbine generating electricity
        • worst of the electricity network 
      2. or even using a mechanical pump driven by wind turbine. 
      3. revert to a manual pump 
        1. draw water into the uppermost tank No. 2 
    3. the water level in the tank No. 2 is regulated by floatplane valve switch off the power pumps 
    4. Heat-insulated tank.No. 3 for heating hot water is located under the tank No. 2, which is automatically supplemented with water through the filter. The level of water is regulated by a valve sensitive scanning floatplane level in the tank No. 3
      1. Water in the tank. 3 is heated 
        1. gravity-induced flow solar system 
          • or open-circuit mode for the summer, 
          • whether the closed circuit mode with a full antifreeze medium heat. 
        2. possibly with a closed system of heated fireplace inserts, 
        3. at worst, an electric or gas heating 
      2. hot water tank No. 3 is distributed gravity-induced flow as warm water, 
      3. for the cold water distribution is tank No. 4 fed through the filter from the tank No. 2
        • Drinking water is taken from the tank No. 4 through osmosis membrane filters 
      4. Supply drop irrigation system is the balancing tank No. 5 
        • drip irrigation is controlled by timer 
      5. in the case of excess heat, if the water in the tank No. 3 reaches a maximum desired temperature, a thermostatic valve in the upper part, and the free falling water falls to the heat Stripping buffer tank. No. 6 and from there through the floor heating pipe through the distribution pipes at the bottom of the tank to No. 7, swimming pool, the heat accumulator. 
      6. excess cold water flows through the roots into the tank sewage plant No. 8 and from there into the tank No. 5 trough the pump
        1. when the sun shines, in the pool is still fresh warm water. 
        2. floor heating is dimensed for optimal floor temperature for year-round operation Barefooted operation of house. 
          1. for winter and sunless operation needs to be supplemented heating from tank No . 7 
        3. if the water temperature is higher than the desired temperature floor heating, the thermostat is passed directly into the water reservoir No.
      7. Correct dimensioned tank No. 7 is the heat from the surroundings except Stripping walls bordering the room and serve 
        1. as excess heat accumulator. 
        2. walls of the pool directly adjacent walls of the rooms, and heated them. 
          • temperature rooms implementing change heating surface area 
        3. directly not adjacent rooms with a swimming pool for winter operation are installed in the house except for the floor heating pipes in the wall. They are heated circuit supplied from the reservoir No. 7 
      8. Tank No. 7 is highly heat in the winter, but shine through Stripping from the external surroundings. South wall is the opening event of the summer sunny days 
  2. Air and Sun 

    1. whole house is sealed, with the central air intake and retention, they exchange the temperature recuperators. 
    2. Winter Greenhouse above the pool has a double coat. Heated air in a double casing is blooming fan powered and controlled via dual sunshine ceiling, double the northern wall, floor double room popod double bottom and the southern wall of the pool in the round. 
  3. Land 

    1. the whole plot is arranged in the shape of a large funnel formed terraces. 
    2. groundwater level can be controlled in each section according to the type of crops grown 
    3. each section is in addition to encapsulation section, and part of infiltration 
    4. excess rainwater, which is required for potting or nevsiakne be collected in the tank No. 1 
  4. Waste Management 

    1. a dry composting toilet, 
      • dry toilet technology to minimize water consumption, and eliminates the need for sewers. 
      • aeces is put in the compost. Such compost is not used for composting of vegetable, rather than two years. 
      • what can not composted, it should be put into collection 
    2. waste water is supplied to the plant roots - the lake with reed. Lake level is regulated in the tank No. 8 
      1. From No tanks. 8 is pumped into the water purification tank No. 5 
  5. Electricity and the Sun 

    1. electricity to cover the full extent of the source of solar collectors 
      • long-term accumulation of direct power, it is technologically and environmentally challenging, 
      • search for economically efficient technologies 
      • all regulatory elements should be independent from the storage of electricity 
      • all electric pumps are backed up by mechanical pump for manual propulsion 
    2. computer used for production of calculation, design, system configuration. After setting up the system must operate autonomously. The computer can be used, just for the collection, evaluation of the data for further refinement of modeling. 
  6. Cooking 

    1. for cooking, yet I do not refund conventional raw materials (gas, electricity) in addition to wood, which can often be impractical, but in the case of greatest distress is well have a hot-air, with an accumulation fireplace insert for heating water in the tank No. 3, plate for cooking, or with the furnace. 
    2. For timber self-suppliering is suitable to cultivate such as tree, where to place them on the ground.