Hello Mr. Senge. (Open letter to Mr. Peter Senge)

    My 25 year son bought your book 5th discipline for Christmas, for the preparation of its work on the Bachelor learning organizations in the Faculty of Management UK Bratislava.
    I read it, and it is very attract for me. I discovered myself in it, my current and past life and experience. Since then wake on in my mind a lot of new combinations, many residents imposed ideas. I got into a creative period that Konstantin Georgievič Paustovsky compared to the state “falling in love”

I decided that the rest of my life will pay self training and facilitator learning described in your fifth disciplines.
    With 7 young colleagues in the workplace, we founded the community for Laboratory of creative thinking, where we decided to improve our personal mastery in the team learning according to your book. I anticipate that this could be the basis for future branches SOL Slovakia, freely accessible to anyone who wants to systematically improve their creative abilities. 
    Another layer is the application of memorized experience in employment. I anticipate that the new owner of company, in which I work as an employee, a software engineer and manager of computer networks already 18 years old, sooner or later find their usefulness.
    On the next layer can I imagine that when you described, thanks to technology, our company achieved better economic results, we will be able to sell the experience as a consultancy firm. 
    At the same time in a completely different layer, I combined your 5 disciplines with permaculture and open source. Originally, I did it for example coaching 5 disciplines on neutral topic, independent micro ecosystem.
    When I put on paper the main points, I saw an interesting combination of the use of swimming pool, as the thermal accumulator while direct heating radiator through the shared wall. When I realized this recently, I decided to publish under the open source philosophy. At the same time, I realized that I’m the electronic peasant. 
    (ICT) peasant sown into the soil (the Internet, blogs, wikis, ...) seeds (thoughts), then just waiting, making it grow, thanks to the whim of nature (of people). If conditions are favorable, may collect the harvest time (lucky people). 
    I hope to have the opportunity to meet you personally in the future. I would like you directly student if there was an opportunity. 
    In May 2009 I have 50 years. I am Electrical engineer in radioelektronic. My first boss me explain that computers are only a means, not objectives. Disobey him. I decided that I want to examine the computers, that I discovered how they can help people. The amount of information on computers to create but much faster than my brain is able to perceive and process. This fight for survival in the information jungle resigns. 
    Your book as a catalyst in my experience, helped me in the decision of my life vision changes.
    Henceforth, I will examine in particular people (themselves), that I discovered how to (s) to computers and the Internet to help. I understand the truth of my first boss. Computers, the Internet is only a means, not objectives. Even me that it took only 25 years :-)

Yours sincerely